My name is Sally Atkins.  I am passionate about photography and would love the opportunity to work with you and your family.  Over the course of my twenty-eight years in business, I have developed a unique style of spontaneous, honest, straightforward portraiture.  I specialize in capturing the unique personalities of children, families, and high school seniors.  I work to develop authentic relationships with each of my clients, making the experience intimate, relaxed, and enjoyable for all.  Through the years, I have developed a loyal clientele, national recognition for my work, and numerous photography awards.

Originally from New York, I picked up my first camera in 1974 while doing anthropological fieldwork in Mexico; I was supposed to be documenting finds and mapping sites, but found myself drawn to images of the people around me instead. I haven’t put down my camera since, developing my own creative style of portraiture that captures the true spirit of each person I photograph.