What should I expect at my session?

The mood at your session will be welcoming, personalized, and relaxed.  Sessions are scheduled to allow more than enough time for a shy two-year old to warm up, a tense high school senior to settle down, or a hungry baby to be fed.  I am skilled at making children feel comfortable in front of the camera—in fact, most children have to be coaxed to leave.  Sessions will be filled with laughter, smiles, and a playful, light-hearted energy.  I don’t take myself too seriously and don’t expect you to either! 

My studio, located on the north side of Indianapolis, offers opportunities to take intimate indoor portraits, using my unique collection of furniture and props as desired.  Additionally, beautiful gardens surround my studio, providing a natural setting for outdoor images.

Prior to your session, we will schedule a time to talk on the phone.  During this phone consultation, I will get to know you and your family, discover your vision for the session, share ideas about what to bring and wear, and answer any questions you have about the upcoming session.

What should I wear? What should I bring?

I love to capture the authentic personalities of my clients. I encourage you to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and happy, without worrying too much about finding the “perfect” outfit.  During the pre-session phone consultation, I am happy to offer advice on clothing choices.  Feel free to bring multiple outfits to your session.

I encourage you to bring a special toy or stuffed animal, a favorite blanket, a dress-up costume, or a family pet to your session.  Bringing these personal items helps make children feel at ease and injects the session with your unique personality.

What will I receive with my session?

You can purchase both digital files and archival quality prints.  Please see Pricing page for details about specific packages; I am happy to work with you to design and order additional prints, canvases, and albums.  

Digital files will be accompanied with a release to print via www.mpix.com, an affordable, high-quality online printer. 

Print images will be processed in the traditional archival method, as opposed to the ink-jet printer method often used today. Images will be wet-printed on true archival photo paper, ensuring that each print will become a family heirloom and last a lifetime.